Jamie Foxx Update:, Actor Reportedly Seen Boating on Chicago River

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Jamie Foxx is making a comeback and embracing life’s joys as he recovers from a medical complication. The acclaimed actor recently took a boat ride on the Chicago River, marking his return to the public eye after being away for a few months. Jamie Foxx excitedly waved to his fans during the outing.

Jamie Foxx Update:, Actor Reportedly Seen Boating on Chicago River
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In a tweet on Sunday, Foxx shared his “boat life” experience, celebrating the summer and expressing gratitude while cruising with @brownsugarbbn. This post marked his first social media update since March 14.

Back in April, Foxx’s family shared that he had experienced a medical emergency, which led to a hospital stay. However, they assured everyone that he was already on the path to recovery thanks to prompt action and excellent care. The family appreciated the prayers and requested privacy during that time.

A month later, Foxx broke his silence on Instagram, expressing his appreciation for the love and support he received. His daughter, Corinne Foxx, later provided an update, dispelling rumors about her father’s health. She mentioned that he had been out of the hospital for weeks and was actively recuperating. In fact, he was even playing pickleball. 

Corinne announced that she and her father would be hosting a new music-themed trivia game show called “We Are Family.” The show would feature non-famous relatives of celebrities performing duets with their hidden famous family members, challenging the audience to guess the identity of the star. 

However, no specific premiere date was provided. Foxx and his daughter were already collaborating on the game show “Beat Shazam.”

Recently, John Boyega, Foxx’s co-star in the film “They Cloned Tyrone,” shared that he finally heard back from Foxx after attempting to contact him. 

Boyega confirmed that Foxx is doing well and emphasized the importance of giving him privacy during his recovery. Co-producer Datari Turner echoed Boyega’s sentiments, assuring that Foxx is in great shape and spirits, having spoken to him recently. Turner added that Foxx will be back on the screen and returning to work in the near future.

While Foxx has maintained a relatively low profile since his medical incident, he has made a few posts on his verified social media accounts, including one in which he expressed gratitude to his supporters for their well wishes.

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