Nintendo Announces Charles Martinet, Original Voice of Mario, Takes a Break from Recording

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It’s a significant moment for the gaming community as Charles Martinet, the long-standing voice actor for Mario, is stepping away from voicing the iconic character after more than 25 years.

Nintendo has confirmed this news through a tweet, stating that Martinet will be transitioning into the role of a Mario Ambassador. As a result of this new role, he will no longer be recording character voices for Nintendo’s games.

Charles Martinet’s distinct voice has been synonymous with Mario since the 1990s, gracing mainline titles like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Mario Galaxy, as well as numerous spinoffs. The impact of his work on the character cannot be understated, and Nintendo expressed their gratitude for his contribution to bringing Mario to life for so many years.

Charles Martinet
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The speculation surrounding Mario’s slightly different voice in promotional material for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder game, set to release on October 20th, has fueled discussions about whether this marked a transition away from Martinet’s voice acting. However, Nintendo has yet to officially confirm if Wonder will feature Martinet’s voice or if it might potentially be his final performance as the beloved plumber.

Interestingly, Charles Martinet was notably absent as Mario’s voice in the billion-dollar grossing Super Mario Bros. Movie that premiered earlier this year. Although details are limited, Nintendo’s statement promises a forthcoming video message from both Martinet and legendary game designer and creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto. Yet, there’s no specific release date mentioned for this video message.

As fans eagerly anticipate more details about the future of Mario’s voice and the evolution of the character, it’s clear that Charles Martinet’s impact on the world of gaming will be celebrated for years to come.

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