OpenAI Launches Customized Instructions for ChatGPT Plus

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(Photo illustration by Jonathan Raa/Nur Photo via Getty Images)

OpenAI has introduced an exciting and potentially game-changing feature for ChatGPT Plus Customized Instructions subscription service ($20/month). This new setting allows users to personalize how the AI chatbot behaves and responds according to their preferences.




ChatGPT Plus
(Photo illustration by Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Once logged into their ChatGPT Plus account, users can toggle on the custom instructions option. By doing so, the AI chatbot will remember the user’s desired behavior and responses, even as they close one chat session and start another. This feature is currently in beta release outside of the UK and EU.

Chat GPT Plus customized instructions feature offers significant time-saving benefits for regular users of the service. It eliminates the need for users to start with the default Chat GPT interface and then repeat their preferences every time they open a new chat window.

Instead, users can input their overarching prompt just once, and ChatGPT Plus will remember it for as long as they wish. This means that even as users prompt the AI with new requests and questions in the future or start new chat conversations, ChatGPT Plus will maintain the desired perspective.

Let’s explore some potential use cases for this feature. For instance, imagine a teacher crafting a lesson plan. With custom instructions enabled, the teacher no longer needs to specify that they are teaching 3rd-grade science every time they begin a new chat. ChatGPT Plus will retain this information and respond accordingly, making the teaching process much smoother.

Likewise, developers who prefer coding in Python can benefit from this feature by saving that information in the custom instructions setting. As a result, ChatGPT Plus will consistently provide coding help in Python whenever they inquire, without the need for repeated reminders.

In summary, the introduction of custom instructions in ChatGPT Plus empowers users to have a more personalized and seamless experience with the AI chatbot, making interactions more efficient and tailored to individual needs.

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