Introducing PlayStation’s New Hardware Innovations: PlayStation Portal Remote Player

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It’s exciting to hear about the upcoming hardware products from PlayStation, particularly the PlayStation Portal remote player.

This innovative device aims to bring the immersive PS5 gaming experience to a handheld format. With features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback from the DualSense wireless controller, players can expect an engaging and responsive gameplay experience.

The PlayStation Portal remote player boasts an 8-inch LCD screen with a 1080p resolution at 60fps, ensuring a high-quality visual display that matches the standards set by renowned game developers. This device is a great solution for households where sharing the main TV might be an issue, or for players who wish to enjoy their PS5 games from different rooms in the house.

PlayStation Portal remote player
image credit:playstation/sony

Utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity, the PlayStation Portal establishes a remote connection with your PS5, enabling seamless transitioning between playing on your console and the handheld device. It’s important to note that the Portal is compatible with supported games that are installed on your PS5 and can be controlled using the DualSense controller. The presence of a 3.5mm audio jack also allows for wired audio connections.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the Portal won’t support PS VR2 games that require the VR headset, nor will it support games streamed through PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud streaming service.

In addition to the PlayStation Portal remote player, Sony is introducing two new wireless headsets – the Pulse Explore and the Pulse Elite. Both headsets promise low latency lossless audio, enhancing the audio experience on both the PS5 and the PlayStation Portal. These headsets leverage the new PlayStation Link wireless technology for seamless audio connectivity.

Overall, these new hardware products seem to be geared towards expanding the accessibility and flexibility of the PS5 gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games in various settings and with enhanced audio quality. It will be interesting to see how these products are received by the gaming community upon their release later this year.

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